April 13, 2024

1. Individuals who registered their SIM cards wonder why they now receive SMS promos with their true names which are supposedly protected by law.

2. Contrary to public speculations, the candidates for ABC president in this LGU can readily meet and have a guffaw over a cup of coffee after the poll.

3. There is truth to the advisory of an agency warning the public against fake solicitations because its bosses receive gifts anytime of the year.

4. Baguio residents must start to accept and adopt to horrendous traffic during weekend unless the DPWH sustains road widening projects within RROW.

5.  These purveyors of ‘fake news’ are becoming laughing stock for claiming to be on hunger strike while in jail when they are simply skipping dinner.

6.  Those who have been discrediting the government for supposed injustice and oppression against IPs have no link to the underground movement.

7. This concerned government office might have noticed a decline in lotto sales after a series of winning, including three bettors in the same outlet.

8. This parish liturgy coordinator is left behind in the preparation of lector-commentator schedule resulting in confusion of parishioners during mass.

9. This parish is being monopolized by a ‘religious mafia’ known for giving preferential treatment to outsiders than the real parishioners.

10. A group has been citing as a yearly accomplishment its donation made more than a decade ago to justify its money-making event held annually.