February 22, 2024

1. One of the political legends in the Cordillera is considering not running in the 2025 elections and would accept the request to be a campaign manager.

2. Some quarters believe there is no cause for alarm for this official about her confidential funds because she is covered by the ‘mafia’ in the state lottery.

3. Politicians and concerned agencies, including the police force heaved a sigh of relief when the First Family asked for privacy during their visit in Baguio.

4. This LGU mouthpiece did its job anew in not presenting both sides of the story when it only dignified one official facing charges for fund mess.

5. The series of vehicular crashes in Baguio and its environs could also be attributed not only to reckless driving but also to intoxicated drivers.

6. Many erring motorists who have been passing through Kennon Road even if non-residents are unhappy the road is now open for all kinds of vehicles.

7.  This is no truth to information that an influential family has become part owners of one of the biggest and successful establishments in the locality.

8. This LGU should revisit its communication plan for 2024 to ensure that what it preaches in social media should not sharply contradict reality.

9. Concerned offices must address the growing number of complaints against taxi drivers taking advantage of the peak season to demand exorbitant fares.

10. There is no truth to information that a warehouse in Baguio has been openly selling firecrackers while the seller is claiming to have a padrino at City Hall.