March 3, 2024

1. An agency can attest that many water refilling stations in the localities are not complying with the Sanitation Code to protect the public from waterborne diseases.

2. An office is not forced to spin stories based on the caprice of relatives of an executive when they are not entitled to be meddling in administrative affairs.

3. Contractors who are now being blamed for unfinished projects due to blunder must not stand up for their group and allow themselves as little whipping boys.

4. This honorable and his spouse would not surely seek elective posts in 2025, as they would not want to become the first dynasty in the history of local politics.

5. Exigency of service and debt of gratitude might be the reasons why there was no power disconnection in this LGU office despite default in payment for years.

6. Those joining the river clean-up drive but with unhealed wounds must inform the organizers to excuse them than risk infection and suffer from leptospirosis.

7. This public office claiming to be an ideal place for reviewers is limiting the use of computers to the workers, leaving students who frequent its free use dismayed.

8. These two attack dogs of a politician do not mind being not civil with a ranking leader since they made a pledge to support their master by any means possible.

9. The private vehicle being utilized for the business of this public servant, who has a false sense of entitlement, is exempted from the number coding scheme.

10. Countless tourists and residents no longer enjoy some commercial activities at Burnham Park such as those in the biking lanes because of overcrowding.