March 3, 2024

1. Life could be saved and damage to property can be avoided if the issuance of tree cutting permit is not delayed due to bureaucracy even in urgent situation.

2. This early, there is no grand design from a team of politicians to discredit a public servant and members of his family in preparation for the 2025 elections.

3. Teachers have a hard time determining if the essays submitted by students were not artificial intelligence-generated since an AI detector app is pricey.

4. The signature campaign to amend the 1987 Constitution that comes with a cash reward is just another form of unnecessary taxpayers’ fund spending.

5. This government executive is not exerting pressure to concerned offices to ensure in their reports he was not partly responsible for the recent outbreak.

6. Agencies should inspect private clinics so they will discover that these professionals are top violators for not giving discounts to elders and PWDs.

7. This honorable has suddenly become a critic of fellow officials when he was an enabler in the past because of his aspirations for a higher post come 2025.

8. The much-anticipated kick-off of the Bagong Pilipinas campaign might also see the downfall of several non-performing and culpable Cabinet officials.

9. This lawmaker in a nearby lowland province has started to cause the possible collapse of political rivals courtesy of the funds from highland contractors.

10. The Mamasapano case is not being used for political advancement by some individuals when families of the SAF commandos are still crying for justice.