April 18, 2024

1. The city-owned float will impress the crowd if the favored businesswoman will fulfill her promise to donate 10,000 pots of roses for the Baguio float.

2. A cabal of businessmen, outstanding citizens, and politicians gather every Friday in a hotel to drink high-end liquors and talk about how to control the town.

3. The rift between the Dutertes and Marcoses deepens when one camp calls for the resignation of the President, who is not bothered by political attacks.

4. This group which uses the photos of the President in soliciting membership fees from members, including infants, ignores a series of warnings from SEC.

5.  A private citizen and his group are not giving up their campaign to inform Malacañang the expensive rocknetting projects is a waste of taxpayers’ fund.

6.  There’s no truth to information that someone is profiting from the hauling fees being taxed from this LGU when it transfers wastes to the lowlands.

7.  People in the President’s circle, not the President himself, were offended by the challenge thrown by the former Presidential son for the latter to resign.

8.  Many of those who attended the kick-off for the new branding of the current government have trust in the President, not due to promised appearance fee.

9. People wonder why those who are supposed to be offering massage services almost expose their private parts when posting their photos in social media.

10. The public is getting information there was no alleged cover-up on the true circumstances that led to a health crisis since one suspect is a public servant.