April 18, 2024

1. A regional office might consider investigating why it appears there is no limit in the number of hikers allowed to trek Mount Pulag on a weekend.

2. It would just be a matter of time before someone from the village speaks the truth about the accurate age of the legendary traditional tattoo artist.

3. With a polarized city council, this should be an opportune time for the IPMR to reconcile his colleagues using time-tested customary practices.

4. A group is not compelled to parrot the words of its corporate benefactor even after the members have received millions worth of goodwill money.

5. City Hall or BCDEO must act on the longtime complaints of the public on drainage project at Lourdes-Dominican Road that seems abandoned.

6. Some quarters seem not convinced this politician and his associates are serving the public with integrity and sincerity, not enriching themselves.

7. Due diligence and common sense are key for visitors not to be scammed when offered bogus accommodation facilities by fraudsters online.

8. Illusions of having deeper pockets and a bloated ego, not public service, are the reasons why a politician vies to challenge a formidable incumbent.

9. Aside from trade fairs, Cepmo must also take an active role in preventing forest fires especially since this city faces an uphill bid to preserve pine stands.

10. This pseudo-human rights defender should consider abandoning his plan of running for national elective post as even his former colleagues abhor him.