June 17, 2024

1. It would be just a matter of time before Cordillerans who are alumni of the PNPA start taking over crucial commands in the PNP.

2. Some political camps are so pleased to witness how the groups of the two highest officials in the land are engaged in a word war ahead of 2025.

3. Bruised egos and being ass lickers of a politician will make reconciling these two political factions difficult to achieve especially ahead of 2025.

4. The closure of Kennon Road to non-residents is the most violated policy since majority of those cruising the roads are tourists and non-residents.

5.  A department head does not care what the public will say even after a favored businesswoman failed to donate 10,000 pots of roses to a float.

6.  These groups have not exerted influence for them to be conferred awards by an award-giving body, whose members are their long-time associates.

7.  Comelec must accept the fact that many youth do not want to get involved in politics reasons why holding a special SK election is a waste of funds.

8.  A billionaire was offered to consider buying a share in an ongoing health facility project but has told the agent-politician the project is not like BGH.

9. A humble politician claims he is only good at local politics no matter how his financiers try to convince him to consider a national elective position.

10. A rising political leader has studied the art of local politics, as he knows he must be careful against his former financiers who turned political nemesis.