April 24, 2024

1. The built pass, a data tracking system of a City Hall office, was disabled by a troika of personnel, who divide their added income right inside their office.

2. Those behind the series of trade fairs could not deny the fact they earn revenue from the use of public spaces and share their blessings to their padrinos.

3. Billions of taxpayers’ money were allocated for rocknetting projects in the Cordillera but these projects could not even withstand a weak typhoon.

4. Moneyed individuals will play a crucial role and will influence the outcome of the 2025 elections in two highly-contested elective positions in the Cordillera.

5. PCSO says the integrity of the state lottery remains intact even as the Senate has discovered that a lucky lone bettor has won over 20 times within a month.

6. The camp of a politician is spreading words that this political kingmaker in the north has lost his influence to endorse people to be appointed by Palace.

7. Nothing has been done to stop the resort project within the Chocolate Hills that went viral even after a national broadsheet broke the news in Sept. 2023.

8. These tourism officials are outwitting each other and the animosity between them got worse, as they do not invite each other in their respective activities.

9. Those in the list of candidates for directors of a government office submitted to Malacañang are already spreading words their appointment is in the bag.

10. This self-proclaimed influencer is becoming a laughing stock after proudly posting a published piece, which intelligent readers suspect as AI-generated.