May 27, 2024

1. A latest Executive Order restricting use of unauthorized protocol plates and even blinkers that lead to breach of traffic rules is hurting countless entitled individuals.

2. Some personnel of an agency considered the face of compassion have deliberately misplaced documents of disliked appointees who remain unpaid for months now.

3. One of the formidable candidates for this lone district has shut down any speculation he will join the highly-contested race among incumbents for an elective position.

4. Officials and organizers of one contingent in a recent festival received a lot of flak from the public for deviating from the event’s objective which is related to culture.

5. An embattled ranking government personnel, who doubles as a confidante of the chief executive, is being rumored to be on his way out due to alleged corruption.

6. Fanatics of two sibling-politicians, including self-styled social media influencers, are up against a lawyer, who diligently exposes the corrupt practices of politicians.

7. A battery of lawyers of a Cordilleran politician are prepared to defend their client from possible electoral protests if the latter is qualified for a third or  “fourth”  term.

8.  A hot-tempered Cordilleran politician, who has a history of inflicting harm, is not behind the series of black propaganda against an embattled chief executive.

9.  A Supreme Court decision on Camp John Hay special economic zone is just being treated by a mafia as a scrap paper since the takeover will not happen anyway.

10. A businesswoman known for her integrity has confirmed that this political leader, or a member of his family, has no major shares in a well-known restaurant.