June 20, 2024

1. It is pointless to have added lawyers in City Hall when these two departments interpret laws on their own, without bothering to consult the City Legal Office.

2. The luxury accessories worn by two officials are again being rumored to be just a speck of the millions they have stashed elsewhere, not from hard-earned money.

3. A former government appointee has the gall to question the appointment of a new regional director when she too was among those who lack credentials.

4. Another aspirant for a coop director will ensure he will only receive tokens and items he can afford to buy unlike now that acceptance of gifts is normal to him.

5. ChatGPT was not used in the series of updates during the CARAA 2024 Meet while those supposed writers thought they are not being noticed by sports editors.

6. Athletes and coaches in the provinces got morale booster with the presence of their ranking government officials who also cheered for them during the CARAA Meet.

7.  A respected and prominent individual opted not to run for director of Beneco, as he does not want to enter politics in the future like the previous directors.

8. An aspirant for a high elective position has informed his allies he does not need the mainstream media since he can announce his platforms in his socmed account.

9. There are no glaring inconsistencies in the statement of an office regarding the viral post concerning the uniforms of athletes who competed in a regional sporting event.

10. The presence of close to 5,000 Chinese nationals posing as students in Cagayan is not part of a larger plot by Beijing to slowly occupy our sovereignty.