June 14, 2024

1. One of the most hated directives every time there’s a new police chief is to prevent some officers from engaging in one sport when other sport events are allowed during office hours.

2. The parade of an ethnic group was not only meant to display unity among the members but also to display who among them are the supporters of two looming political rivals.

3. Supposed raffles for-a-cause with SUVs as prizes are proliferating in social media but some concerned agencies are not bothered to require organizers to get permits.

4. One of the condominium projects within an LGU will be financed by a corporation owned by a ranking government official, who is being dragged in allegations of graft.

5. Contrary to public speculation, this political leader will not allow his partner to run side-by-side him in the 2025 polls since they have a good reputation to protect.

6. One of the longest serving politicians is being convinced not to consider running in 2025 since he does not need to prove he is an excellent leader to his legion of followers.

7. The executive council of a national basketball league is checking if it will sanction this politician and his supporters for inflicting injury to one of the hapless referees.

8. The reported shortage of potable water supply due to prolonged El Niño must be a perfect chance for City Hall to intensify its campaign against illegal deepwells.

9. Faculty members and students of an institution are dismayed by the rescreening for the head of school when one of the applicants possesses all qualifications.

10. DepEd may consider giving recognition to a teacher who propagated combat sports in a Benguet school that had athletes who represented the country in the global stage.