June 14, 2024

1. The raid and arrest of suspects by the PNP Anti-Cybercrime Group in coordination with Pagcor of an illegal online raffle of SUVs serve as a warning to local organizers.

2. The plan to revert to the school calendar from June to March with support from the President is again being interpreted by trolls as an affront to the Vice President.

3. Businessmen who religiously pay their dues to the city government are hoping that City Hall will act on their complaints regarding the series of trade fairs in the city.

4. Two looming political rivals in a province will ensure to maintain civility since they belong to different political parties that recently forged an alliance for 2025.

5. An indigenous peoples organization formed not to advance the welfare of the IPs but to serve as a mouthpiece of a company is having problem liquidating its funds.

6. The recent exposé on a number of doctors allegedly engaged in pyramiding scheme would result on loss of trust and confidence for thousands of unsuspecting patients.

7. Countless Baguio residents openly admit skipping a bath when going out of their homes due to shortage of water supply both from the BWD and private deliveries.

8. A former political leader and his allies are now moving heaven and earth to avoid being served with warrants of arrest by the ICC, even believing in their own lies.

9. A self-styled politician who has the habit of criticizing his political rivals for their misdeeds is doomed to self-destruct for protecting questionable benefactors.

10. There seems to be an inconsistency in the enforcement of laws on obstruction of roads, as some deputized enforcers still confiscate license plates which is illegal.