June 21, 2024
  1. Concerned offices are determining if the indiscriminate dumping of used oil on road drainage had contributed to the flashflood that was blamed to the Sunday vendors.
  2. Officials of ethno-linguistic groups are hopeful this ranking official who proudly claims to be an Igorot will attend a recent festival but was a no-show for a month.
  3. This private tourist spot in Baguio does not exert efforts to assist local police and barangay tanod in addressing traffic woes caused by its countless visitors.
  4. An LGU is not exerting efforts to pressure its socmed arm to reply to criticisms on its local policies to programs if only to project that everything is above board.
  5. A provincial official and several State workers are bracing for possible charges to be filed against them for the rigged bidding that was later disallowed by COA.
  6. The series of land and rock slides in major road networks exposes that the current mitigation project worth billions is not effective in this landlocked region.
  7. The city government, not the local police, must initiate practical but efficient plans to mitigate the worsening traffic woes within the CBD especially during weekends.
  8. The noted decrease in firecracker-related injuries in Baguio and Benguet can be attributed to the decision of LGUs to regulate the sale of firecrackers over the years.
  9. Some of the prohibited items such as the canned beers supposedly confiscated inside the National Bilibid Prison were not purchased and presented as part of an evidence.
  10. The embattled and suspended NBP director general is confident his tarnished name would soon be cleared despite a unified effort to totally remove him from his post.
  11. There is no attempt to downplay in traditional and social media the case of found cadavers along the highway so as not compromise the ongoing police investigation.
  12. Some netizens raised concern over the welfare of parking attendants who reported for work during Typhoon Paeng so the city can still collect fees from the motorists.