May 24, 2024
  1. Only public service was the reason this famous councilor in Itogon, Benguet opted for reelection than running for mayor after helping residents during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  2. Bribes come in many forms, which is why Comelec should investigate who among the candidates are shouldering the ‘payments’ for several fitness instructors at Burnham Park.
  3. Another way to court votes is to give certain perks to some officials and residents, such as free accommodation and meals when they travel to places like the beaches.
  4. Moral issue is among the reasons why this incumbent official is suffering from political backlash from some religious groups that are known for endorsing preferred candidates.
  5. Several groups and individuals have learned their lesson the hard way, which is why they do not invite this politician, who usually brings with him many supporters for free meals.
  6. An infamous politician in a nearby province has posted yet another political promise of scholarship to anyone without requiring the scholars to maintain even a passing grade.
  7. Several politicians and their supporters are being given false hopes when they are informed they are likely to win the May polls based on independent but paid surveys.
  8. The fact-checking by this watchdog coalition can become more credible if the efforts are not designed to promote the candidacy of a certain presidential bet and ‘discredit’ the others.
  9. This senatorial bet did not make false claims in public when he said he is a relative of a prominent Baguio clan and partly a descendant of a chieftain who once ruled Kafagway.
  10. A senatorial candidate is making his presence felt on social media platforms 24/7, as he admitted he has no funds for radio and TV ads that would help him to the Magic 12.
  11. A Baguio philanthropist does not mind funding some events for a presidential candidate, who is perceived to advance the rights and welfare of the marginalized and the oppressed.
  12. Government forces are not behind the defacing of campaign posters of several national candidates, who are identified with the Left because of their platforms and advocacies.