June 20, 2024
  1. Artificial intelligence is not being used as a campaign machinery in this LGU to determine the sectors and areas where politicians exert efforts in their sorties.
  2. This LGU has been warned by the government for promoting self-administered antigen kits for a minimal fee even without the approval of the regulatory agency.
  3. Some city officials are openly snubbed by this official who is harboring ill feelings for their stand on some public issues such as the ratified version of the city charter.
  4. Proponents of the hydro projects in Kabugao are not behind the misinformation that the Diocese of Kalinga and Apayao has endorsed the project to divide the opposition.
  5. Many quarters were surprised when City Hall claimed a public consultation was held on the planned sidewalk roofing of Session Road now being overwhelmingly opposed.
  6. There is no backdoor negotiation in the STP loan project, especially when the city’s top official has acceded to the demand for a civil case to proceed despite a settlement deal.
  7. The brilliant minds who conceptualized the Session Road green walk plan should have realized that the roofing project is contrary to the “open spaces” advocacy in the city.
  8. These self-proclaimed fiscalizers must explain why the still functioning palo-palo bricks pavements has been scrapped just so they will also have projects they can call their own.
  9. A formidable local candidate has not invested on tarpaulins to promote his candidacy, as his team maximizes social media platforms, which has better public engagement.
  10. The party-list system is in need of reforms so that only the society’s marginalized sectors are genuinely represented by the nominees who only represent themselves and their allies.
  11. Supporters and social media administrators, not the politicians themselves, are engaged in continued mudslinging and black propaganda even before the campaign period started.
  12. Health officials warned of a potential surge in Covid-19 cases after the May 9 elections while many enterprising corporations and groups are laughing all the way to the banks.