July 24, 2024

  1. A chief executive has a hard time selecting a new police director since one of the preferred and qualified officers is more effective when serving outside the province.
  2. Residents of Baguio and its environs should have more reason to be cautious of getting infected with Covid-19 because cases have been increasing up to 100 daily.
  3. Commuters have to endure daily gridlock along Naguilian Road due to noticeable snail-paced road widening project and concerned offices are doing nothing about it.
  4. A police general from the Cordillera is unaware his photograph is being labeled as an endorser of a product by a company that might be involved in a Ponzi scheme.
  5. The public is thankful to the contractors-turned politicians for allowing their heavy equipment to be used for fast and efficient road clearing operations free of charge.
  6. The directive to deploy more police officers on the streets than in offices is not a new policy, which is not observed months after the assumption of a police head.
  7. The weekly closure of Session Road will continue since traffic experts have chosen to keep mum to the detriment of motorists and pedestrians during traffic congestion.
  8. There is no waste of public funds and haphazard planning when the installation of tactile paving on sidewalks continues despite injuries on pedestrians slipping on them.
  9. Those claiming the Tactile paving is safe must be referring to class A materials installed in other areas where no cases of injury were reported among pedestrians.
  10. Filipinos just hope the series of raids on illegally imported products led by BOC is not a ningas cogon to please the President for few months and stop it from there.
  11. Lot owners from nearby Benguet towns are in disbelief the value of properties they sold to enterprising real estate agents have doubled even without any development.
  12. There is no injustice when a prominent member of a political clan is living like a queen while a lady politician is languishing in jail sans solid evidence against her.