June 24, 2024
  1. Filipinos realized the election period is one of the solutions to the prolonged Covid-19 pandemic since candidates can gather a crowd of up to 70,000 in political rallies.
  2. This sly politician, who wants to remain civil with the opposition, gave money to the rival of his teammate, who is considered a lightweight for reelection this coming elections.
  3. This self-styled advocate has become a mercenary for demanding more than P100,000 from one of the subjects of his expose that was posted in social and traditional media.
  4. The results of surveys for national candidates have become suspicious for Filipino voters as those lagging in the survey have more supporters during actual campaign sorties.
  5. Many politicians have opted to run as independents but positioned themselves as guest candidates so they can freely campaign across various political parties to their advantage.
  6. Trolls of a presidential and vice presidential tandem were quick to spread in social media an aerial view of huge crowd of supporters that was actually photographed in Indonesia.
  7. The event of a political party broacasted via livestream recorded a drop in viewership when a candidate, who does not know any better, appeared on screen and was not ready to sing.
  8. Prospective buyers were quick to know the hectares of land being sold at measly P1,500 per square meter near a posh subdivision in Baguio with adverse claims is a pure scam.
  9. Some parents of children 11 years old and below are no longer interested in having their kids vaccinated against Covid-19 after many LGUs in the Cordillera were put under alert level 1.
  10. Chemicals used by small-scale miners in processing gold is controlled by a broker, who was linked to economic sabotage due to smuggling of contraband and luxury items.
  11. Businessmen are planning to sue top officials of a highly-urbanized area for abuse of discretion for asking requirements not needed in the renewal of business permits.
  12. Barangay officials, including some journalists, are not entering this government office, as they might be required to have QR code before they are allowed to talk to this honorable.