June 17, 2024
  1. Contractors are hesitant to bid for infrastructure projects in an urban area because many projects are being labeled as “sub-standard” by a politician and his deputies.
  2. This famous doctor seeking for an elective position was right when he observed that not a single hospital has been established from the multi-billion Bayanihan funds.
  3. This legal personality has drawn the line when she voiced out her sentiments against a political leader over a public issue where most politicians want to ride on.
  4. This social media page with over 450,000 followers made the right decision in not taking down a post about Martial Law despite the non-stop rants from paid trolls.
  5. Many parents and guardians were alarmed on the supposed increasing number of missing teenagers, especially females, in the two localities during the past months.
  6. The vehicular accident involving a PUJ with 32 passengers in Mountain Province indicates that people in the rural areas suffer from lack of mass transport vehicles.
  7. The media coordinator of a national candidate was scolded by his boss when only a few journalists attended a press con since the aide only invited big media outfits.
  8. Corruption starts indeed when national candidates spend from P150 million to P300M to win an elective position with a salary grade of 33 equivalent to P450,000 monthly.
  9. A government official was right in his observation that some LGUs in CAR tolerate the burning of garbage that’s why only few non-biodegradable wastes are collected.
  10. Several big-time contractors in the Cordillera are voluntarily refusing multi-million infrastructure projects, as they cannot afford the exorbitant SOPs given to politicians.
  11. Many of those seeking for elective positions with legislative duties remain confused, as the platforms of governance they outline are the duties of the executive department.
  12. The recent local court order on the Oplan Baklas by the Comelec does not mean that private lot owners have the absolute freedom to post campaign materials of any size.