June 14, 2024
  1. Many local politicians are not worried being cited by Comelec for violation of the Fair Elections Act for their series of public appearances similar to campaign sorties.
  2. This barangay official now wants to close an alleged gambling den, not due to the LGU policy but the intelihensya she is receiving is not enough to buy her son a car.
  3. A blocktimer’s broadcast program has been cancelled not due to financial concerns but due to the host’s positive stand on numbers’ game, which violates company policy.
  4. Farmers affected by the unabated smuggling know exactly the political leaders who are simply riding on the issue to advance their bid for May 2022 polls.
  5. A local research is needed before the proposed establishment of a slaughterhouse for rabbits to determine if rabbit meat can be alternative to pork and beef up north.
  6. This highly paid office head is trying to swindle the government by reimbursing rental fee for the use of projector in a seminar when it’s offered for free at the venue.
  7. A political camp is deeply hurt and dismayed that two of its supposed allies have also pledged allegiance to the other camp because the price is difficult to refuse.
  8. The regional police command made the right move in causing the temporary transfer of some 150 police officers, who are kin of candidates vying for various positions.
  9. Many parents and guardians of children ages five to 11 are hesitant to bring the kids to the vaccination sites and are closely monitoring the effects of the vaccine.
  10. A presidential candidate has a point when he claimed that the problem on unabated smuggling is attributed to a bad government that tolerates the system and its people.
  11. The state of various infrastructure projects, especially the multi-million rocknetting in national roads, is becoming a political issue that might bother some candidates.
  12. Some residents plan to file appropriate charges to members of the Comelec’s Oplan Baklas who ordered them to remove tarpaulins even inside their private properties.