June 20, 2024
  1. Several presidential and vice presidential candidates made the right decision not to join the debate set by a media station owned by a pastor wanted in the U.S.
  2. More micro and small business will most likely operate guerilla-style because of some unreasonable requirements imposed by several departments at City Hall.
  3. This department head has probably lost all humanness because of her messianic tendency of trying to correct the supposed “mistakes of the past” to look upright.
  4. Heads of government offices and big loaders declined to pay power consumption at the ‘other office’ due to the absence of bills needed in auditing and accounting.
  5. Friends should not burn bridges over the upcoming May 2022 elections because even political rivals would turn allies while long-time friendship is compromised.
  6. A local political coalition is being praised for not resorting to black propaganda against rivals if only to advance its agenda in the upcoming May polls.
  7. This LGU relaxed its restrictions for visitors without publicity, as it acknowledges many sectors dependent on tourism will continue to suffer from the pandemic.
  8. The camp of a politician who treated some employees as lowly individuals thought the former is destined to become the chief executive in the May 2025 elections.
  9. Many aspirants, including incumbent politicians in local elective posts, violate the Fair Elections Act by having their campaign posters on social media platforms.
  10. This self-proclaimed social media expert who has job contracts from two LGUs is still offering his services to politicians even if his current works are rated as poor.
  11. LGUs must adopt a program on how wastes such as face masks disposed by Covid-19 patients under home quarantine are separated from non-biodegradable wastes.
  12. A self-styled PR manager who has poor command of English is now on a vicious attack against a political camp supported by individuals who once paid the former.