May 23, 2024
  1. Some prominent politicians did not travel outside the Cordillera to attend as mere viewers in the proclamation rallies of presidential and vice presidential candidates.
  2. This senatorial bet is doing everything such as dancing and singing to make his presence felt in the Senate slate of a formidable tandem but he is doomed to fail.
  3. The simultaneous launching of campaign sorties by supporters of a presidential and vice presidential bet up north proved there is no ‘solid north’ in the May elections.
  4. The national headquarters of the survey-leading presidential bet is not bothered if many factions are claiming to be the recognized ones, as all of them are beneficial.
  5. A politician took to social media to inform his followers they are the recognized BBM-Sara group, as they were invited to attend the proclamation rally in Bulacan.
  6. Voters in this province are being offered P15,000 each to choose this candidate and his kin, who have ways of knowing if they were voted upon by the beneficiaries.
  7. The increasing demand for residential lots in Baguio and nearby Benguet towns is paving the way for CALT claimants and holders to sell lots to developers.
  8. Physical distancing and other health protocols are not observed in most election-related events but concerned offices don’t sanction the organizers and politicians.
  9. The unabated smuggling of vegetables from China that threatens the local vegetable industry is an issue that could affect the turnout of the May 2022 elections.
  10. Up to now, a local coalition is not entertaining the plea of a candidate to rejoin the party since the latter’s group is not involving everyone in pre-campaign meetings.
  11. Those who staged a caravan and a parade sans permits from City Hall and BCPO on Feb. 8 have no plans, only an attempt to sabotage another political caravan.
  12. Many self-proclaimed social media influencers are consistent in their claim that Halsema Highway is one of the most dangerous roads in the world even if it is not.