May 19, 2024
  1. A positive antigen test is the most difficult reality that concerned Bar takers have to accept, as it almost ruined their ambition to become lawyers this year.
  2. A former provincial official is being flooded with queries from his throngs of supporters wanting to know why he withdrew from the May 2022 polls.
  3. The police and military are confident the campaign against the CPP/NPA/NDF has gained more strength with the recent death of one of their ardent supporters.
  4. A comebacking politician is hoping that two of his benefactors in the previous elections will finally attend to his calls and text messages that are being ignored.
  5. Two personnel of this ranking politician who projects himself as a humble man opted not to renew their contracts for being treated as nannies by the politician’s kin.
  6. Some visitors who want to evade travel requirements ride PUJs or cabs in Marcos Highway to appear as Benguet residents when crossing city checkpoints.
  7. One of the well-loved local politicians is dismayed that her newfound political party is not involving members in pre-election campaign meetings and dialogues.
  8. The election officers who received goodwill money from a politician say they didn’t violate the Civil Service law since the patron will win come May polls.
  9. Another self-proclaimed social media content creator is being investigated for being employed as a contractual worker by two LGUs and several politicians.
  10. The public should also understand that BHERT members are also exhausted that’s why they cannot quickly attend to all health concerns of Covid patients.
  11. Supporters of a presidential candidate don’t mind if the latter does not appear in forums since his platforms of governance are discussed on social media.
  12. Two wealthy philanthropists in the localities are not afraid of losing friends for openly declaring their support to an ‘unpopular’ female presidential candidate.