March 5, 2024
  1. Millions of Filipinos are frustrated their national ID cards remain undelivered despite the government’s promise to deliver 50 million cards this year.
  2. Many vloggers and self-proclaimed social media influencers were fuming after they were served siopao while other guests were well-served in Malacañang.
  3. The presence of some known trolls and vloggers in a recent rally in Baguio does not mean their subjects in the event have the support of the famous Davao group.
  4. People in the south pray that no typhoon will again hit the country towards the end of the year like in the past where they suffered on Christmas due to disaster.
  5. An embattled female corporate official knows exactly that some of the bearers of truth would sacrifice personal and company integrity when the price is right.
  6. There is a high rate of poor comprehension among the younger generation due to the decreasing interest among them to read books or reference materials.
  7. This former Cabinet member is brandishing over social media he has no record of corruption when he was involved in at least three controversies in three years.
  8. Several quarters could not agree more that the proposed multi-million cable car project is not the best solution yet to the worsening traffic situation in Baguio.
  9. Unlike these enterprising individuals, many civic groups have been assisting the PRC with blood donation drive sans fund assistance from many private sponsors.
  10. Some towns have opted not to install Christmas lights and lanterns in their parks, as they are reducing expenses on electric bills that are high during peak season.
  11. There was a decline in number of young tourists dancing for Tiktok inside the Baguio Botanical due to the increase in environmental fee, which is up to P100.
  12. This chief executive in a nearby province who is being linked to an educator is now the talk of the town especially among fellow politicians, including barbers.