March 3, 2024
  1. The increase in motorcycle-related road accidents must bring concerned offices to their senses and remind riders they cannot overtake from any corner.
  2. Thousands of motorists and commuters are still wondering what major repairs were implemented in a damaged section of a highway after it was closed for weeks.
  3. This official and his deputy might soon earn the title as “inspectors” for always reporting on supposed “sub-standard projects” but never on their own projects.
  4. Many residents in Baguio and nearby towns have already purchased motorcycles as a way to cope with the horrendous traffic being experienced in the localities.
  5. Millions of funds were downloaded to LGUs for the hosting of Christmas for Kids project, one of the band-aid solutions to the surging number of poor families.
  6. Online sellers who sell Good Shepherd items twice the original price is the reason tourists are now given priority access to the products than residents of Baguio.
  7. The government through the NTC and law enforcement agencies must educate Filipinos on online fraud with the implementation of SIM Card Registration Act.
  8. The AFP and PNP expect a possible mass surrender of members of the CPP/NPA following the death of CPP founder Joma Sison, which was downplayed by allies.
  9. Indigenous peoples in this municipality did the right thing in asserting what is due them from being the protectors of tributaries, not the company that earns from it.
  10. The series of anti-illegal drug operations exposed the growing number of young adults engaged in the trade after the government has ended the Oplan Tokhang.
  11. Some of those behind the online raffle of SUVs are now being avoided by their friends who surmise they could have been victims of questionable raffle draws.
  12. The promotion of a PNP general to two-star rank was not blocked by a powerful man who believed the former has been partial towards a candidate in the May polls.