March 3, 2024
  1. The divide and conquer approach will be employed by this famous politician if only to ensure his chances of winning by having only one rival in 2022.
  2. A government executive is correct in announcing in social media he has not authorized someone to solicit on his behalf because donations come naturally.
  3. The brother of a notorious drug dealer could not hide his excitement in driving luxury cars that were bought from hard-earned money, not from an illegal activity.
  4. One of the certified political butterflies in the locality is being avoided by his peers for starting political discussions that get people to sleep while listening.
  5. Many residents want their LGUs to show detailed reports accompanied with photos of the reported cash and non-cash donations that were given to the public.
  6. Filipinos keep on laughing over reports that a politician from the south will not run for president despite the political gimmicks amidst the pandemic.
  7. Farmers are hoping they will also be tapped by those behind the proliferation of troll farms in every province to discredit critics of the government.
  8. A well-moneyed politician who is not in the A1 to A3 list announced in public he got his Covid-19 jab but failed to mention he has jumped the vaccination line.
  9. Unknown to many, this political camp is funding the presence of several social media accounts promoting a local politician who has billions to spend.
  10. A snappy police officer has just schooled his juniors when he supervised an anti-illegal drugs operation, which is better than being escorts of politicians.
  11. Those who received the Covid-19 vaccine with higher efficacy rate were not pre-selected but patiently waited for their turn on a first come, first serve basis.
  12. No amount of statements can redeem the CPP-NPA for the death of a football player and his cousin due to IED blast, which is a violation of international law.