April 23, 2024

1.    A Filipino actor, who projects himself as brainy, is becoming a laughingstock for his social media posts, which only expose his ignorance on Philippine history.

2.    Individuals who attend wakes and funerals even if they are strangers to the dead have plans to run for elective positions in the 2022 local and national polls.

3.    People in the lowlands are hoping Baguio and Benguet will ease their border restrictions so they can travel up north due to increasing heat index in their place.

4.    A politician was right when he admitted in public that leaders should not be onion-skinned when accused of being corrupt because criticisms come with the vocation.

5.    Countless subscribers of this telecommunication company cannot work from home as they have to find an establishment with faster Internet speed to work comfortably.

6.    Some sectors wonder why Benguet was placed under MECQ status while Baguio is under GCQ when there are more cases in the Summer Capital than the province.

7.    It is not yet obvious when those behind the crafting of localized Covid-19 guidelines are not doing their research for including irrelevant policies such as casino operations.

8.    The President was just joking when he said those who believed he will ride a jet ski and plant a PHL flag at the Spratly Islands are stupid since 16 million voted for him.

9.    Two members of a local coalition might decide to run as independent candidates in the upcoming 2021 polls if they want to run either as mayor or congressman.

10. All police commanders launched an all-out drive against marijuana trade, as they can be relieved from their post if the seized cannabis are traced to their areas thrice.

11. Hundreds of Chinese vessels within the contested West Philippine Sea continue to ignore protests until the Duterte government initiates actions against their presence.

12. Constituents in this province are not used to seeing a politician visibly guarded by escorts in civilian clothes as the province has been peaceful even during elections.