April 21, 2024
  1. Many Filipinos do not believe pre-election surveys, as it is obvious that this is a form of conditioning the mind of the electorate to choose those who are popular.
  2. Two politicians are not being invited to some occasions recently for always making sure they bring home with them a pot of flowers as a token for attending social events.
  3. The isolation facility of this LGU is not fully utilized because of its far location while Covid-19 patients with mild symptoms might prefer home isolation for security reasons.
  4. The aggressive campaign to settle a decades-old conflict due to boundary dispute in two upland towns suffered a major setback for lack of respect towards lowly villagers.
  5. A former official is being rumored as the protector of a tupada or illegal cockfighting at Camp 7 on Fridays and Saturdays since it can also cater to government workers.
  6. The deafetist mentality of the national government on the continued occupation of the West Philippine Sea by China is a good topic for debate on patriotism among students.
  7. Many quarters knew exactly the stand of some officials on proposed numbers games sanctioned by Pagcor despite their supposed suggestions to minimize their operations.
  8. The public is quick to commend the city mayor for coming up with a statement that supports the conduct of community pantries without the organizers securing permits.
  9. This institution that monitors Covid-19 statistics in the Cordillera is aware that this LGU maintains low cases since it is avoiding mass testing even if kits are available.
  10. Those behind the supposed proliferation of Pagcor-sanctioned numbers games in the city are not the same people who lobbied before for casino operation inside John Hay.
  11. Despite the surge in cases and deaths, several individuals are still not convinced that the threats of Covid-19 is real, not until the virus hit members of their family.
  12. This institution, which does not mention names of politicians except for those who pay, has repeatedly mentioned those leading in the poll survey just for public service.