April 16, 2024

1. This favorite appointee had the gall to threaten enforcers of a legal suit instead of showing humility over authority after he was stopped for beating the red light at the CBD.

2. Some employees in this government office collectively bid ‘good riddance’ to this appointee who often throws his weight around and uses office hours for leisure.

3. Several establishments are not reviewing the details being written by clients, who are required to register and have their temperature checked before entering any premises.

4. The human resource officer of this LGU is not closely monitoring employees of some offices, who use government time for personal matters and money-making activities.

5. Some of the concerned officials who supported the controversial RLECC resolutions did not attend a recent meeting since they will be lectured on by experts in law profession.

6. This chief executive might stand his ground not joining the line-up of a local coalition just to prove that voters transcend party-lines in supporting good leaders.

7. A religious institution is not trying to downplay the sexual abuse case involving one of its preachers especially when the young victim will most likely not pursue the case.

8. The environmental impact of continued commercial activities in a mountain covered by a protection order is more damaging than when it was opened for tourism events.

9. This government executive will soon leave with a strained relationship with some sectors and groups for supporting a resolution that supports the tokhang tactic against critics.

10. A lot of trolls and gullible netizens, who speak faster than their brains, are quick to say the killing of nine civilians was drug-related when the victims were known as leftists.

11. Up to now, those who helped this chief executive during the 2019 elections are not interested in government posts, which are already occupied by political turncoats.

12. Men in uniform who are about to retire will not harbor ill-feelings if the budget for their pension and gratuity fund is reduced and realigned for mega-infra projects.