April 17, 2024

1.   The motorcade organized by supporters urging a politician from the south to run for a higher post was greeted with the dirty finger by people impacted by the pandemic.

2.    This religious group is facing yet another tough challenge after its flock learned that one of its church leaders was replaced due to sexual abuse incident.

3.    People behind a well-followed social media account know how disappointed people are everytime a political leader announces something about the Covid-19 pandemic.

4.   Healthcare frontliners were the first to be vaccinated using a China-made vaccine not because they are VIPs, but to increase public trust on the vaccination program.

5.  The united front among ranking public officials in a province ahead of the 2022 polls is being challenged by two chief executives who plan to bolt out from the team.

6.  Even ranking police officers in this regional command are unaware who will be the new director as many are aspiring to be the successor of a retiring general.

7.  Administrators of social media accounts are blocking dummy accounts created by a PR firm to share the supposed benefits of transforming a market into a mall.

8. Some barangays in Baguio where cars are allowed to park in public roads as authorized by ordinances wonder if they are spared from the DILG road clearing drive.

9.    Supposed peacemakers in the region were declared persona non grata by elders of ethnic groups for their action ‘inimical to their interest’ over a disputed boundary.

10. Two enterprising individuals whose businesses rely on tourism are pushing for projects and programs, acting as if they are the tourism officer or the mayor.

11. There is truth to information that this agency head did not instruct anyone to collect funds on his behalf since he is automatically a recipient of hefty SOP from projects.

12. This nearby province, which remains strict in requiring Baguio travelers to present negative RT-PCR test, couldn’t control a town from holding beach parties and events.