May 25, 2024

1. Casinos in Cebu and nearby cities have noticed a slight increase in patrons who wear leather jackets since the Cebu-Baguio flights have resumed in December.

2. Beneco will have to pay for the monthly amortization of the car loans availed by former directors as the vehicles were obtained using Beneco funds as collateral.

3. Members and consumers in Benguet do not feel they are well-represented in the current composition of the Beneco Task Force, which are mostly from Baguio.

4. Several paid and self-proclaimed influencers during the past administration are ignored by a Palace official who prefers newsmakers who uphold accountability.

5. Some quarters wonder why a TV personality is not visible in recent business travels of Malacañang officials so she could intelligently discuss about them.

6. People who are disgruntled with this controversial cult leader with criminal cases are aware his servants are selling various food products to enrich him.

7. An alliance between two to three political clans is looming in this province in a bid to dethrone their rivals who have lorded the locality for over a decade now.

8. A golf club with problems in maintenance might be violating conditions in the approval of its project by prioritizing foreign players than local residents.

9. Mobile subscribers are complaining they continue to receive spam messages with their true names in the SMS even after complying with the SIM Registration Act.

10. Three self-styled personalities might be declared persona non grata by an LGU for their malicious statements against the person of a respected chief executive.

11. Traffic obstruction is noticeable in most parts of CBD during night time since motorists know that enforcers and auxiliaries are no longer visible past 6 p.m.

12. Residents and tourists are hopeful there will be no shutdown in mobile network services during Panagbenga 2023 similar to an incident in Cebu during Sinulog.