July 16, 2024
  1. Filipinos must remain vigilant on allegations of corruption in the purchase of anti-Covid vaccines due to discrepancies in prices as noticed by some senators.
  2. The decision to postpone the annual Panagbenga received praises from the public even if it will mean more economic loss for many sectors in the Summer Capital.
  3. Incumbent leaders in this province are currently forming a formidable political lineup that might deliver convincing wins for them during the 2022 elections.
  4. The lesson learned from DPWH engineers is that BACs must be aware they will get the ire of this executive if they follow the orders of the boss through his bagman.
  5. Aside from its highest officials, other members of a red-tagged progressive group in the Cordillera are taking precautions from possible warrantless arrests.
  6. Members of this self-styled group masquerading as a civic group doing ‘service’ to the people are onion-skinned when critics mention them in the social media.
  7. Kin of victims of extra-judicial killings are not rushing to file cases, as they can gather solid proof against the perpetrators during the 20-year prescription period.
  8. The President’s statement that the presidency was no job for a woman could be one of the biggest political jokes ahead of the highly-anticipated 2022 elections.
  9. Some of those behind the abrogation of the UP-DND accord also view the events of the UP Mountaineers literally when they saw them going to various mountains.
  10. Low-powered firearms such as “paltik” remain the preferred guns of many high-value targets, who are killed in the government’s all-out war on illegal drugs.
  11. City Hall’s advisory on age-based stay at home restrictions is strictly observed in the CBD except for this establishment that permits the entry of minors and elders.
  12. Other chief executives in the Cordillera must follow what the mayor of Baguio is doing in checking infrastructure projects to ensure their soundness and stability.