June 23, 2024
  1. Some quarters wonder if there is internal bickering among top officials of a political group after a recent expose of alleged anomalies on huge funds from projects.
  2. People want to criticize this appointee for early campaigning and do not want to acknowledge what he had accomplished for the district and its people.
  3. A DepEd official refused to sign the promotion of this mentor who was endorsed by a ranking politician despite the one-year ban preceding a recent appointment.
  4. A close kin of a deceased environmental advocate called out a group member who solicits using the respected relative’s name without the immediate family’s consent.
  5. The reported closure of a famous eco-trail would allow the area to regenerate from human destruction, not to cover up possible tree-cutting for a luxurious hotel plan.
  6. This early, chief executives in the Cordillera must also lay down their contingency plans for the new Covid-19 strain to protect their constituents from this pandemic.
  7. Concerned agencies must also check on how health care facilities and households manage Covid-19 wastes such as how PPEs and face masks and shields are disposed.
  8. One of the most profitable jobs in two LGUs is to oversee that approved policies that require mandatory publication are not equally distributed to local newspapers.
  9. Many LGUs did the right thing in purchasing anti-Covid vaccines for citizens than rely heavily on the China-made vaccine with reported lower efficacy rate.
  10. Several members of this favored group always claim they are doing great service for this LGU and its people but not when projects and programs have no funding.
  11. The city government and its private partner will have an intensive planning ahead to ensure people are safe from the UK variant if the Panagbenga pushes through.
  12. There is no conflict of interest when this government employee meddles in the affairs of private companies entering agreements with government offices.