May 22, 2024

In our elementary years, our newly bought pencil often breaks minutes after we get hold of it. At times, we tried pressing it hard against the table just to see the lead split. We even tried snapping it into two, thinking we were Hulk. We do the same to other objects; add pressure to them, and they end up in debris.
Pressure is one thing that makes us lose our composure. Just thinking about the expectations set on us and people’s reactions when we fail them can leave us devastated. One word of pure strictness from them pushes us to the edge. We are similar to a delicate pencil. We eventually break with pressure.
Countless children burn the midnight oil and some exhaust themselves so much that they end up on the verge of insanity. They do this to meet expectations that were placed onto them. Is this a good thing? Definitely not, as it causes most of the youth to fall into the depths of despair and resort to unthinkable deeds. Pressure in itself is a negative word; what more if we dive deep into its consequences?
Freedom is something that people truly yearn for. Everyone, including the youth, surely prefers to accomplish things without being tied to the shackles of pressure and high expectations. Chasing dreams that way clears obstacles with ease and the path to success can be reached with comfort. If parents and other people would just learn to extend a hand rather than bringing terror and imposing an ultimatum, children will not suffer much from pressure.
Peace can only be achieved once the mind and the people surrounding children remain open. Pressure clouds the mind with heavy toxicity. One cannot work with such circumstances, thus they wish to disappear instead. No one desires this for their children or the people close to them. It’s about time each of us bombard each other with encouraging words. Instead of expecting something from someone, we must wait and stay by their side. A star only shines in the midst of the darkness if one takes the courage to see it through.
Under pressure, a pencil breaks; but it will work perfectly fine if you treat it with utmost care.