April 24, 2024

Start of classes for the first semester of school year 2020-2021 in the University of the Philippines Baguio has been set on Sept. 10.
This is in line with the adjusted general schedule of the UP System, which also includes a modified term from the usual 16 to 14 weeks for the first semester of the current school year.
Except for the UP Open University and programs in UP constituent units which are delivered on a trimester basis, the opening of classes and the shortening of the term for the incoming semester is applicable to all undergraduate and graduate classes in the entire UP system which has earlier decided that courses for the semester will be delivered mostly through remote mode.
As part of the preparations for the upcoming opening of classes in a new mode of delivery for most of the academic units, UP faculty tap their collective and individual creativity in the course redesign efforts, mindful of the differentiated needs of students and the extraordinary situation brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.
As in the other UP campuses, UP Baguio currently undertakes curriculum and course redesign activities which aim to review the degree programs in view of the adjustments in the schedule of the semester and of the remote mode.
Faculty members of the three colleges of UPB have been working on modifications for individual courses, which include the incorporation of regular formative assessment throughout the semester to generate immediate and ongoing feedback intended to monitor student learning and address concerns on teaching and learning.
Course packs are also being prepared. These include a course guide with a detailed syllabus, learning resources, and activity and assignment guides.
These will be given to students before the start of classes in different formats, such as through the course sites, as digital files in a hardware storage device, or in print to be sent via courier especially to students with no Internet connection.
In line with the full online delivery for the semester, the UPB Committee on Transition to Remote Learning has also been looking into the technology support requirements including the university’s learning management system called the UP Baguio Virtual Learning Environment.
Ways to support the technological capability of UPB faculty, administrative staff and research, and extension personnel have also been looked into, including the activation of the computer loan program. – Press release