February 24, 2024

The demand for specialized competencies in various industries has increased, and the University of the Philippines Open University (UPOU) has responded to this through micro-credentials.

Micro-credentials are short courses on specific skills and competencies that allow individuals to gain the qualifications needed by the industry. Micro-credentials bridge the gap between what the academe provides and what the industry needs.

On Aug. 22, the UPOU launched its roadmap for UPOU micro-credentials.  This was done as part of UPOU’s International Tri-Conference 2023 (TriCon2023) before an audience of more than 230 in-person and online participants from over 70 institutions.

During the pre-conference workshop for the International Conference on Open and Distance eLearning (ICODeL), a component of TriCon2023, UPOU Chancellor Melinda dela Peña said micro-credentials empower learners and professionals to thrive in a rapidly changing world and universities can start such a program by building on their existing capabilities.

In the same session, UPOU Faculty of Management and Development Studies Dean Joane Serrano underscored the compelling necessity for educational institutions to offer micro-credentials.

“These credentials enable professionals to equip themselves for career advancement and increased mobility in the ever-evolving global economic landscape,” he said.

A micro-credential is proof that attests to a person’s knowledge and skills in a particular subject or area. A learner receives a micro-credential after passing an assessment or successfully completing and passing the required assessment in a particular micro-course.

As stated in the roadmap, a UPOU micro-credential is expected to be relevant, focused, assessment-based, portable, flexible, and quality-assured.

UPOU envisions itself as a key player in equipping Filipinos through continuous and flexible learning. With the official launch of the roadmap to micro-credentials, UPOU solidifies its commitment to shaping the future of education and supporting learners in their pursuit of excellence and lifelong learning.

As micro-credentials continue to gain momentum as a valuable tool in education, UPOU’s visionary roadmap paves the way for a brighter, more dynamic future of learning and professional development.

Visit [email protected] for details about the roadmap. – Anna Cañas