February 29, 2024

The Market Division of the City Treasury Office has ordered market vendors to remove unauthorized extensions, alley obstructions, eyesores, and to maintain overall cleanliness of their stalls.
Market Superintendent Ceasar Emi-lio said they have been inspecting the different sections and implementing measures in coordination with the vendors to tidy up and put back order the different areas of the trading center.
“We have been advising and working with our vendors on unauthorized extensions and on cleanliness. Some are complying right away adjusting or removing their extensions, sweeping and removing or putting in proper places materials and we see outright changes like improved passageways results,” Emilio said.
Maintaining order and cleanliness remains a challenge however, Emilio said.
At Block 3, Emilio said he ordered the removal of stocks of goods piled up in storage installed above their stalls.
“These have become eyesores so I gave them a deadline to remove them,” Emilio said.
The market cleanup was intensified in line with Mayor Benjamin Magalong’s clean and orderly Baguio program recently revitalized to ensure prompt action on concerns on improper garbage disposal and untidy surroundings. – Aileen P. Refuerzo