May 18, 2024

From old shirts from band/car shows or cartoon, reworked flannels and sweatshirts, painted work wear denim, and even naturally or custom-aged sneakers are becoming the hottest take in fashion trends. Resurrecting previous everyday wear from the early ‘80s to mid-2000’s shows just how and what the world has been through, and we’re not denying that these are just a couple of “old stinky worn out clothes” or “old outdated graphics that only your grandparents would wear” should have been left in the past as its history, but there is something to it that makes it worth trying and keeping again for the long run.
This year has taught us a lot of things through the pandemic and quite frankly, the mode of dressing up today does not make you look like a try hard to express in front of your homies and other people through your taste in fashion (not that there’s anything wrong with going the vintage route, but through its recognizable and distinct style, it makes anyone who put it together look very effortless). Majority of the generation uses the medium of dressing up or down and collecting clothes to help and serve as a coping mechanism alongside any creative hobbies that still keep our sanity levels calm and collected. Vintage and comfy core is huge in the wave of fashion nowadays where deciding the outfit through what vibe you wish to project through the day or depending on what mood you have agreed alongside your conscience shows through what you wear.
Looking good is slowly becoming a requirement for us to keep going through our day. When you’re stressed out, take a breather, look at yourself in the mirror and realizing you look fly and fresh, maybe post a photo that serve as an instant mood booster that makes you feel good at the end of the day alongside other redeeming qualities that you can emit towards other people and to yourself.
Self-care comes in many ways and forms, one of which would be to “look good and feel good.”
A lot of creative individuals who run small and big-time fashion labels in the Philippines offer their services to produce artisan pieces that suit the modern age youth. At this point, buying or even creating custom pieces that will suit your style will help you build up a sense of what you are in line and oriented to in the fashion spectrum of things. Pieces that give off that vintage vibe are always a good step and can adapt to any style changes that you will be having in the long run through your course in the fashion world.
Another option when you really want a total bang for your buck is curated thrift stores near you. They thrive on just random vintage clothes and for the price that they give; it doesn’t take that much time for you to find pieces that you would want to be tailored exactly with since there is a wide array of selections that one can choose from.
Vintage fashion and reworked pieces have some of their delinquents and strengths when it comes to the fashion game.
One, it is sustainable, affordable and it doesn’t take that much to look effortlessly stunning. Two, the exclusivity is crazy while maintaining quality and individualism, and probably makes you feel really good knowing that some of your pieces are only exclusive to you and no one would have the same thing that you have almost 90 percent of the time. Lastly, it’s better to support small local businesses because they put more of their creative minds into their pieces to create individuality and makes you stand out from all the pieces from fast fashion brands that will hold up just as good as their entirety in the wash.
Buying from curated shops that tastefully select and sort out vintage and custom pieces for you to cop gives you unlimited options on what’s hip in the vintage game. If you’re not feeling to go and do the thrifting yourselves outside in small and cramped spaces, these are your best bet. There’s a lot, and I mean a lot of public sites, Facebook and Instagram groups where you can shop for vintage and custom pieces that range from basics, or luxury brands on the low for you to buy at the comfort of your own home.
The best feeling would be finding that one piece that was priced on the low and then researching it when you get home realizing that the value goes three or five times more than what you paid for. Now that is what I call getting your money’s worth. Just going through to explore and really devoting your time and commitment to get a sense of what you really want to engage in honestly never felt so good.
At the end of the day, dressing up in this medium of vintage and one of one pieces just gives you that sense of fulfilment and purpose of just enjoying your life to the fullest without trying to impress others and merely just doing it for expressions of your creative and tasteful mindset. So for ya’ll out there, let these fashion labels help you to discover your style. Go out there, vibe out and before you know it you’re enjoying and getting through the day with a big smile on your face. (GABRIEL JOHN MADRIAGA)