April 17, 2024
  1. This ranking government worker, who is one of the mayor’s trustees, has jumped the vaccination line for senior citizens for fear he could contract the virus due to his work.
  2. The efficient services and good financial standing of Beneco could be best sustained if choosing who will head it is based on credentials, not purely political endorsement.
  3. Up to now, thousands of those who signed in with the BIMP app remain hopeful they will be included in the priority list of vaccinees, as reported earlier by those behind it.
  4. The rules would be much effective and different if the Covid-19 rule makers and their family members had to live by the same rules they impose on the burdensome people.
  5. Some workers of a nearby LGU might be under monthly payroll of private individuals who manage to set up business stalls overnight without the necessary business permits.
  6. Countless individuals still choose not to accept that the Covid-19 threat is real even if the number of severe cases and deaths in other countries like India is all over socmed.
  7. A known religious leader might not be practicing what he preaches for circumventing local regulation for allowing structures to be built in an area he is leasing sans permit.
  8. The supposed contacts of this government executive who earlier contracted Covid-19 have returned to work while still in quandary on how they were included as contacts.
  9. LGU officials must be discerning in passing laws that seek to institutionalize events in the guise of partnership, as the LGU seal might be used in money-making schemes.
  10. This respected entity known for its no holds barred take on public issues has become obvious in its profit-oriented programs such as the pre-paid interviews with politicos.
  11. The Philippines must fight for its rights over the West Philippine Sea, as it owes no debt of gratitude to China as the government spent P2.5 B for the Sinovac vaccines.
  12. The recent death of a government worker weeks after being inoculated with first dose will not discourage co-employees in the priority list to avail of any available vaccine.