October 2, 2023

The Commission on Elections has recently come out with a mandate requiring that voters, old and new, shall be required to undergo a voters’ education to acquaint them with the importance of electing the right choices when they vote.
The Comelec has interposed this mandate since, as it is, there are many registered voters who are unaware of the importance of an election and how much more are unaware of the consequences of their vote.
It is about time for a voters’ education. For such a long time, majority of Filipino voters are ignorant about the importance of making the right choices. Instead of electing candidates based on qualifications, they do so merely on name recall and popularity.
In some instance, they elect the candidates who can give them a meal or some pocket money to wade them out of their misery.
Hence, in the Philippines, election is like a consumer mechanism wherein the candidates with the most resources almost always win. This creates an imbalance and is actually an injustice to the numerous Filipinos who only desire what is best for the country.
The kind of politics we have bred produced some dire consequences, not only to our go-vernment but to our people, as well.
Political dynasty is deeply entrenched and the quality of life of the average Filipino is dependent upon the magnificence and generosity of politicians.
In the Philippines, politicians are more than public servants. They are people of importance. They control and demand special treatment as if they belong to a higher echelon.
Some, if not most, feel like demi-gods who have a direct say in the fate of their constituents. They are, at most, looked upon as provi-ders and at least, as the role models. They influence how their people think, work, and live. They have acquired power over their allotted jurisdiction that theirs is no longer a mere position of public trust but an office that gives them the authority to judge what is right and what is wrong, to hold death over life.
No wonder, despite their inconsequential compensation that goes with an electoral position, it remains highly coveted.
The past elections have seen some violent incidents involving rival politicians. Elections have been the hotbed for killings and other politically related violence. Why is this so? Because an electoral post carries with it power and, with power comes influence, and with influence comes money.
The irony of it is that the people simply close their eyes to the kind of politics and continue to give their blessing by electing the richest and most popular candidates. In the end, it is the country that suffers. Thus, it is not surprising that the level of poverty continues to rise.
Thank God the Comelec came out with the idea of having a voters’ education.
In this way, the voter will not just march to their precincts on election day to elect their favorite candidates, whether qualified or not. Instead, they will have the consciousness and awareness to discern that their votes have far-reaching consequences which will affect not only their lives but the lives of their children as well.
They will finally be appraised that an election is not all about candidates but more so, about the lives of all Filipinos.