May 24, 2024

One of my favorite lines from a song says, “Even the best fall down sometimes, even the stars refuse to shine.”
These metaphors remind us about the imperfection of this life so we have to accept the flaws that lay behind every occurrence. Thus, at the wake of happiness there is sorrow, flowers have to stop blooming when their season ends, and the darkness of the night has to come at the end of every bright day.
Oftentimes, the standard of this world convince us to be tough in order to survive the unending struggles and contests, and indeed we’ve been trying so hard to overcome the smallest up to the biggest dares. We dance with the rhythm of fate whether it beats fast or slow, we swim with the tides whether it moves high or low, we run the race of time trying to make every second count.
However, human as we are, we sometimes grow tired, get discouraged, and weakened by pain and disappointments. We just can’t help but to lay down our best defenses and let ourselves take the weight of our shoulders feebly on the ground and right then we become helpless, and it’s totally okay.
Remember the story of Samson in the Bible? He was intentionally created by God to protect the people from Israel. No one, even thousands of Philistine soldiers, could have defeated him because he was favored with unnatural strength. However, he had his weakness, and it was the woman he chose that brought out that faintness.
Samson is a reminder that we are emotional beings and sometimes the decisions we take because of our feelings can lead to hurting and regrets. Also, more often than not, the people we love the most cause the greatest downfall of our entire existence.
During these times when we walk under the shadiest clouds of our life, it’s totally okay to do nothing for the moment and just burst your heart out. Acknowledge that you are not fine. Be angry if you have to, cry hard if the pain hits so hard and shout out loud if it would help ease the aching. You actually need that, but you won’t stop there, you don’t have to stay in there for a very long time! You have to get up and find the sunshine and the rainbow ready to welcome you once you help yourself out of that gloomy place.
Going back to Samson, he had his moment of weakness after his hair was cut. He was helpless and even became a slave of his enemies after he lost his strength, yet he did not give up on life. As time passed, his hair started to grow again until he fully recovered and used his strength to totally break down the territory of his foes. Although he made a mistake that even brought him to shame, in the end, he was still victorious. This situation underscored that we can survive from any despondent situation as long as we help ourselves regain the verve that naturally resides within us. Hope is never lost.
My favorite teacher’s favorite question was “If you accidentally tumble along Session Road and eyes around were pointed on you, what you will do? Will you remain lying there and keep bawling pathetically soliciting for pity, or will stand and shake the dirt from your clothes and continue heading to your destination?” I’m leaving this question to you fella, “If life drags you down, will you get back up or will you choose to stay on the ground?”