March 5, 2024

Turkish medical firm Invamed is offering to open clogged blood vessels and remove clots using a unique method.

Deep vein thrombosis, usually occurring in the legs, refers to a clot that can block blood flow and cause swelling, pain, and tenderness in the leg.

If this clot breaks off in pieces and goes to the lungs, a more serious health problem called pulmonary embolism occurs.

In the treatment of the disease, drugs that prevent blood clots, drugs that help dissolve the clot, pressure stockings, and leg exercises are being used.

Dovi Thrombo Aspiration System, created in Invamed laboratories, is a unique catheter system.

The catheter tip is placed into the blocked vein or artery using this system. As a result, the vacuum device at the catheter’s tip sucks the clot out of the blood artery.

The system features a structure that allows it to be used alone or in conjunction with other thrombocyte systems. – Press release