April 20, 2024

Experts and the reign of terror

I refer to the letter of Honorary Prof. Chatnoir in the Feb. 28 issue of the Courier.
The letter-sender has stated that countries without lockdown only recorded less than 1/10th of projected deaths.
I do not know when this was said as well as the number of projected deaths but were lockdowns implemented in the U.S.A? Of the world’s death toll, the U.S.A. recorded 527,000 deaths or about a quarter of the total. There are other reasons that have contributed to this figure and surely lockdown plays a big role.
Take an apparently simple poser: To be vaccinated or not? Online “experts” paint both sides of the choice. Those against having the vaccine may even include video clips of grotesque after effects. This is one clear instance of making our own decision. But is this based on information from health authorities or experts? How else can one do own diligence? — PETER CHONG, Baguio City