July 23, 2024

Accelerate horticulture at BSU

Established in 1916, the Benguet State University is a 105-year-old institution that celebrated its 35th charter anniversary on Jan 12.
It became a university in 1986 by virtue of Presidential Decree 2010, providing for the creation of the Horticulture Research and Training Institute (Horti).
Promotion of horticulture, which is the cultivation of vegetable, fruit, and plantation crops and ornamental plants is the purpose the institution was elevated to a university.
Situated in a unique temperate climate zone and with vast farm resources, it is the mission of BSU to advance horticultural enterprises.
Manpower resources were trained here and abroad and equipment and facilities were provided in partnership with foreign development institutions.
When I headed the “Horti,” we developed technologies on sustainable cropping schemes which were extended to farmers, established demonstration farms, established the tissue culture laboratory to propagate clean planting materials and the biocontrol pest management setups to minimize the use of chemicals, and these laboratories could be further developed into a biotechnology platform.
When I retired from BSU, it seems that the efforts made are not maximized. We hope that the new president, Dr. Felipe S. Comila, will be responsive in enhancing horticulture development since it is where BSU could gain global prominence. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City