June 24, 2024

PLDT subscribers deserve better services

We are currently in an extraordinary situation because of Covid 19 pandemic. To protect ourselves, the best advice is for us to stay at home and go out only if extremely necessary.
It is now that we appreciate the reliable services of Internet providers like a commodity just like water and power services due to the following: First, our children are enrolled in distance learning and they need to attend classes online daily. Second, it is better to transact our financial services and to do purchases using online platforms, which requires a stable Wi-Fi signal.
At home, we are using PLDT services for our Internet connection, which comes with a landline. Once our Internet connection and landline get interrupted, we need to use our cellphone to call PLDT’s hotline. Since PLDT is a sister company of Smart Communications, one expects additional charges when calling the company’s hotline using another telecom provider such as Globe.
Here’s the irony. PLDT is one of the biggest telecom companies in the country earning billions but one expects to be connected to their hotline in 15 to 30 minutes or even more. If you are lucky, you get connected within 15 minutes. If you are finally connected, their customer care agent would inform you that it will take three to six days to restore your Internet connection without stating any reason for the prolonged maintenance service. You have no choice since it is PLDT’s process and you have to accept it. But is this the way to serve your loyal subscribers?
If you personally go to their office, you need to endure one to two hours queue before being attended to by their customer service agents. You have no choice but to keep on following up your complaint daily and be subjected to the same tedious process of calling their hotline and receiving the same response from PLDT staff. And on a Sunday, their staff says nobody is attending the repair services because they are on half day.
Take note, we are PLDT loyal subscribers ever since. Our children are already pestering us because they are missing their online classes due to unstable or weak Wi-Fi signal even when the city and nearby areas are not experiencing weather disturbances. To cope up with their online classes, they need to load their cellphones, which is an additional expense for a lousy service.
It is frustrating that a well-established company cannot provide a 24/7 maintenance and restoration services. Maybe that’s the reason why they need to restore their services to a maximum of six days. But PLDT has resources to invest on more manpower, modern maintenance equipment or even pay overtime more than three times their manpower’s salaries to immediately restore their services.
Compared to our local water and power companies, their maintenance crew are readily available to restore service interruption 24/7. These companies do not earn billions like PLDT but how come they can provide us with better services?
Another issue is the monthly bill. You will pay the same regular monthly charge even if you did not use their services for six days. Is this fair? PLDT should automatically grant discounts for interrupted services and there’s no need to call their attention.
PLDT is a public utility under a congressional franchise. It is high time that concerned officials and offices must look into the numerous complaints of city residents on public utility companies such as PLDT. — NAME WITHHELD