June 21, 2024

More effective management of Covid-19

If we look at the tally being posted on the confirmed Covid-19 cases, an average of 4,000 persons are infected daily, and it is reported that more than 70 percent of those tested positive are not brought to medical facilities.
Our country has increased its testing and contact tracing capabilities and takes a large number of individuals with Covid-19 infection. Lockdowns are imposed but most of the active cases go self-isolated, and if they stay at home, the virus spreads throughout the community. It cannot be this way to contain the virus.
This scenario is likened to a basket full of tomatoes which represents a barangay. If there is even a single fruit that is rotten in the commodity that is not taken out, then all of the fruits will be infected as time goes by.
It is best that anybody who tests positive of the virus be taken immediately to a hospital or designated isolation center to receive medical care.
Viruses emerge, mutate, recur, and persist in a degraded environment, so we must exert more effort in reinvigorating the life giving elements of nature to gain immunity and good health and be able to resist diseases if we want to stay alive. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City