June 4, 2023

Lack of yellow lines/lanes contributes to traffic obstruction at CBD

I am a law-abiding citizen of Baguio City and one of those who do not want being given citation tickets for traffic violation.
With this, may I suggest to the persons in authority to please paint yellow lines/lanes in all parking, loading and unloading areas beside the signs within the central business district.
It is the car owners’ responsibility to park properly at the right parking area to avoid being cited for traffic violation. Common sense dictates that “no car owner wants to be fined for traffic violation/s.”
But I was charged twice for illegal parking last June 12 and June 17 due to lack of signages particularly along Harrison Road and Diego Silang Street where I parked my car.
Due to confusion, my decision to park at these areas went wrong because of lack of signage or yellow floor paints, or that the other traffic signs were too far to be noticed by motorists.
Traffic violations can be avoided if there are yellow lines painted on the streets beside the signs to warn motorists. The lack of is an indicative negligence on the side of persons in authority for their failure to inform motorists.
It is also my belief that the concerned offices lack coordination amongst each other considering that the supposed painting of areas designated as no parking zones is still unclear and each of the office involved blames each office for such inaction.
Hope that this suggestion will be considered for more traffic transparency for a better traffic flow in our city. — NAME WITHHELD, Baguio City

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