April 17, 2024

Lessons gleaned from the COVID-19 quarantine

WHILE THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC scares people, the community quarantine gives lessons to humanity.
The atmosphere is becoming cleaner since there is regulated presence of vehicles and factories that pollute the air, thus minimizing greenhouse effect and occurrence of respiratory diseases.
Plants are being freed from suffocation and are growing better to give off more oxygen that we breathe.
We observe a change of attitudes of people in making themselves and their surroundings clean to stay healthy.
A stronger family bonding is developed as people stay home. Just do the good things you love to do so as not to be stressed.
People have learned to obey regulations for their own good and to share their resources to those in need.
Let these behavioral changes persist. A physical, psychological, spiritual approach ought to be done in a crisis situation.
The kind of life on Earth depends on how we conserve the natural environment that our Creator provided. We see people getting more in touch with the Lord for protection and guidance in our efforts to prevail over the coronavirus. Patience will be suppressed when God sees desirable reforms in us. — PERCIVAL B. ALIPIT, Baguio City