July 13, 2024

The need to reposition economic development up north

With the Taal volcano eruption in mind, we should realize by now that maintaining two airports – Clark and Subic – in the immediate vicinity of the newly-awakened Mt. Pinatubo (with the dormant Mt. Arayat in Pampanga on standby) is an unacceptable and foolhardy decision.
The least government planners should now do, under the circumstances, is to focus northward towards Tarlac, Pangasinan, La Union, Baguio, etc. Our children and grandchildren will blame us for our lack of foresight when a cataclysmic volcanic eruption wreaks havoc in the Clark-Subic area, causing untold paralysis and chaos, especially in economic activity. Is there any guarantee that such a monstrosity won’t happen?
San Miguel Corporation’s construction of an airport in Bulacan should be subject to scrutiny because of its proximity to Metro Manila.
Take note that in Indonesia, East Kalimantan reserved to replace Jakarta as capital city is situated in a separate and far island.
We can’t concentrate on development with a Damocles sword of volcanic eruptions in Zambales and Pampanga dangling over our heads. — ATTY. DANIEL B. VALDEZ, Camiling, Tarlac