October 2, 2023

Be kind to strangers

My nephew and I walked into a compound in Loakan Proper to ask the homeowner for directions. As she showed me the way, her dogs, about five of them, barked and surrounded us threatening to bite. Indeed, my nephew was nipped.
When we got home, my wife wanted to know if the dogs were vaccinated. So, we went back to ask the owner. After talking we left for home. Passing by the dog owner’s neighbor, my wife had a chat with her.
She heard of the possible dog bite my nephew had. She told my wife to just wait a moment for her to get something from her house. She came back with a bottle of hydrogen peroxide and a bag of cotton wool. She offered us to take them home to cleanse the wound.
What a kind-hearted and caring person offering help to total strangers. We asked for her name and she replied, “Ane.”
I am a foreigner residing in Baguio City. People like Ane make me feel safe and welcome in the Philippines.
Mabuhay. — PETER CHONG, Baguio City