June 20, 2024

DPWH-BCDEO clarifies article on Baguio drainage system

This has reference to the article “Drainage system reassessed after flashflood at CBD” published in the Oct. 16, 2022 issue of the Baguio Midland Courier. We would like to make some clarifications about the article written by Aileen P. Refuerzo.
The inlets along Session Road 1 are already sufficient. But the temporary shelter and goods that were put in place by the traders near the concrete gutter including garbage due to insufficient garbage disposal caused obstruction to direct flow the inlets, which led to the flooding on Oct. 9.
To recall, during the onslaught of Typhoon Ompong, the said section was not flooded despite high rainfall intensity.
Session Road 1 drainage line is directly connected to the main tunnel drainage along Magsaysay Road towards T. Alonzo St. with an outfall at the Balili tributary, not towards the new drainage lines along Lake Drive at Burnham Park as reported.
The Lake Drive drainage system was conceptualized by the Department of Public Works and Highways-Baguio City District Engineering Office as a result of Typhoon Ompong in 2019 for the improvement of the drainage system at Burnham Park area to avoid perennial flooding along Burnham Park, Harrison Road 1, Kisad Road, and Perfecto Street as its main objective.
The first phase of the project was completed on Sept. 10, 2021 with two funding components while the multi-year contractual authorities approved by Department of Budget and Management are still ongoing.
The City Camp Lagoon is the main outfall and was rehabilitated to cater to all water tributaries coming from the different barangays.
However, due to improper drainage disposal and lack of maintenance of nearby local roads, the inlets clogged resulting to flooding in some areas. It is observed that the drainage line of city roads near City Camp Lagoon needs to be improved with bigger design capacity and have adequate road maintenance.
As for DPWH-BCDEO, it continuously improves the draining capacity of the existing tunnels along various national roads in order to mitigate, if not prevent flooding in the central business district and City Camp Lagoon.
The DPWH-BCDEO also aims to provide safer and adequate infrastructure facilities for the safety and convenience of the traveling public and residents.
In addition, the BCDEO has installed 1.8 meter diameter high density polyethelene pipes with long service life materials along Lake Drive Road, portion of Kisad Road, and other national road sections to improve the drainage system.
This report was submitted to clarify the report of Engr. Richard Lardizabal of the City Engineering Office, of which some are inconsistent with our database. — JENESIS O. ARAMON, Alternate Public Information Officer, DPWH-BCDEO, Baguio City